"So here was a teacher, recognized on a national level and achieving incredible results for low-income students, being forced to spend his free time raising the money to pay his own wages (which were, in any case, being systematically cut). He'd had enough."

− Steve Hilton, MORE HUMAN

"Wait, wait, wait. So if I understand right–so you basically have to raise the money for your own position?"

− Ira Glass, Host This American Life

"How have you managed to do what others say is impossible?"

− First Lady, Michelle Obama

Jason Pittman is a national award winning science teacher, storyteller and adventurer. Jason served as Dr. Robert Ballard’s Educator at Sea, bringing new discoveries and excitement for scientific exploration to students around the world. Jason’s sold out performances at Washington DC’s Kennedy Center and Storyleague productions have brought support and awareness to the importance of science education.

After deep cuts to science education programs, Jason brought his story to the stage and audiences responded, selling out multiple runs of Dr. Science’s Science Time Science-va-ganza with Adam Rueben, and winning DC’s annual storytelling tournament.

After an appearance on “This American Life” with Ira Glass, Jason became master curriculum designer at Khan Academy’s first brick-and-mortar school. He continues to build classrooms, explore the natural world and entertain audiences.

  • National Science Teacher’s Association, Zula Teacher of the Year
  • Air Force Association, Aerospace Teacher of the Year
  • StoryLeague Storytelling Tournament Champion
  • First Lady Michelle Obama and Teacher of the Year Jason Pittman teach children of Hollin Meadows Science and Math Focus School
  • Master Cirriculm Designer for Khan Academy’s Lab School
  • Educator at Sea with finder of the Titanic, Bob Ballard
  • American Geologic Institute Teacher of the Year
  • Virginia Legislature passes Law in honor of Jason Pittman
  • This American Life
  • Dr. Science’s Science Time Science-va-ganza
  • e-Geaux by Peyps Inc.
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