"So here was a teacher, recognized on a national level and achieving incredible results for low-income students, being forced to spend his free time raising the money to pay his own wages (which were, in any case, being systematically cut). He'd had enough."

− Steve Hilton, MORE HUMAN

"Wait, wait, wait. So if I understand right–so you basically have to raise the money for your own position?"

− Ira Glass, Host This American Life

"How have you managed to do what others say is impossible?"

− First Lady, Michelle Obama

Jason took stage to bring the plight of the American teacher to the public eye. A techie drop-out, Jason became a public school teacher in the Washington DC area, and received several national awards and recognitions. However, cuts to education left his job in a lurch year after year.

Jason shared his experiences in education and audiences responded, selling out multiple runs of Dr. Science’s Science Time Science-va-ganza with Adam Rueben, and winning DC’s annual storytelling tournament.

After an appearance on “This American Life” with Ira Glass, Jason became master curriculum designer at Khan Academy’s first brick-and-mortar school. He continues to build classrooms and entertain audiences.

  • National Science Teacher’s Association, Zula Teacher of the Year
  • Air Force Association, Aerospace Teacher of the Year
  • StoryLeague Storytelling Tournament Champion
  • First Lady Michelle Obama and Teacher of the Year Jason Pittman teach children of Hollin Meadows Science and Math Focus School
  • Master Cirriculm Designer for Khan Academy’s Lab School
  • Teacher at Sea with finder of the Titanic, Bob Ballard
  • American Geologic Institute Teacher of the Year
  • Virginia Legilature passes Law in honor of Jason Pittman
  • This American Life
  • Dr. Science’s Science Time Science-va-ganza
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